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The Magic World Wooden DIY Book Nook Kit

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Book Nook Bookshelf Insert 3D Wooden Puzzle, DIY Bookend Decor Building Set Model Kit with Human Sensor LED Light for Adults

Step into the Enchanted Realm with The Magic World DIY Book Nook Kit 📚✨

Embark on a mystical journey through the pages of your cherished books, transcending into a realm of fantasy brought to life by the mesmerizing 'Magic World DIY Book Nook Kit'. This isn't just a mere decorative piece; it's a profound experience, an exhilarating adventure, a captivating story waiting to unfold.

🎨 Craftsmanship At Its Best:

  • Exquisite Wood Puzzles: Each wooden piece is a chapter of the enchanting tale, inviting you to delve deeper into the crafting experience.
  • Enchanting Dollhouse Scenery: Immerse yourself in a microcosm of wonders meticulously designed to transport you to another world.
  • Transformative Bookshelf Inserts: Witness your ordinary bookshelf metamorphose into a portal of boundless imagination.
  • Artistic Bookshelf Adornments: Beyond decoration, it serves as a catalyst for conversations, a focal point, a dream incarnate.
The Magic World Wooden DIY Book Nook Kit

🔍 Dive Into Details:

  • Illuminating Touch LED: Illuminate your fantasy world with a simple touch, seamlessly blending the future with fairytales.
  • Ready-to-Use Electronic Kit: Immerse yourself in the magic instantaneously; no delays, no complexities.
  • Premium Wooden Texture: Experience the opulence, the excellence, the magic at your fingertips.
  • Cutting-Edge Precision: Every piece fits flawlessly as if enchanted, weaving the narrative seamlessly.
  • Simple Assembly Magic: Follow clear instructions that guide you through each step, turning the process into a graceful dance.

💖 Why Embrace the Magic World DIY Book Nook Kit? This invitation extends to all - bibliophiles, craft enthusiasts, dreamers. As you piece together this masterpiece, you aren't just assembling a kit; you're sculpting a world, giving birth to a story, and embarking on an extraordinary voyage.

🌌 Embellish your space with a touch of magic, a sprinkle of wonder, and a dash of dreams. Your enchanted odyssey commences here. 🌌

Seeker, step into the mystical allure of your Magic World. 🌟🔮📖

💡 Material: Wood, Sticker, Electronic Kit Already Assembled

📐 Dimensions: 170110252mm

📦 Package Listing:

  • Puzzle parts
  • 1*Electronic kit
  • 1*English assembly instructions
  • 8*Nut
  • 1*Screwdriver

💝 Assembly & Safety: Before you begin, ensure your accessory kit matches the Accessories List. Use glue where specified and allow it to set for two hours for a secure bond. This product is suitable for ages 14 and above. Handle with care to avoid any injuries. Additionally, backups for easily damaged parts are provided.

⚠️ Important Reminder: You are required to prepare silicone liquid glue and two AAA batteries yourself as they are not included due to air transportation restrictions.

Color:With Cover
The Magic World Wooden DIY Book Nook Kit
The Magic World Wooden DIY Book Nook Kit Sale price$79.00 Regular price$119.00