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Law of the Night DIY Book Nook Kit

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Book Nook Bookshelf Insert 3D Wooden Puzzle, DIY Bookend Decor Building Set Model Kit with Human Sensor LED Light for Adults

🌙 Law of the Night DIY Book Nook Kit: Dive into a Literary Twilight Zone

Embark on a whimsical journey through literature with our Law of the Night DIY Book Nook Kit. Inspired by the mysterious allure of nocturnal tales, this model kit breathes life into a captivating scene nestled within the pages of timeless literature. Precision-crafted and designed to ignite curiosity, this DIY kit promises hours of immersive construction, resulting in a mesmerizing decorative piece for any bookshelf or study.



📚 Unique Fusion of Literature and Craft: Merge your passion for classic tales with the joy of hands-on model-building.

🛠️ Engaging DIY Experience: Perfect for enthusiasts yearning for a visually captivating outcome and an immersive project.

🎨 Decorative and Educational: Doubles as both an educational tool and an exquisite decorative piece.

🌱 High-Quality Eco-Friendly Materials: Crafted from durable, sustainable components for enduring display.

🎁 Ideal Gift: A thoughtful and exceptional present for book enthusiasts, puzzle aficionados, and model enthusiasts alike.

Law of the Night DIY Book Nook Kit
Craft a layered and dynamic world brimming with enigmatic details and surprises. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, your creation will not only be a joy to assemble but also a lasting tribute to the captivating allure of the night. Complete with clear instructions, this kit is suitable for model makers of all skill levels.

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Ideal For

Whether seeking a solitary escape, a bonding activity with loved ones, or a unique gift for a literature enthusiast, the Law of the Night DIY Book Nook Kit is sure to enchant and inspire. Build it, display it, and let the magic of literature continue to captivate in a new and captivating form.

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💡 Material

Wood, Sticker, Pre-assembled Electronic Kit

📐 Dimensions

32cm x 16cm x 18cm

📦 Package Listing

  • Puzzle parts
  • 1*Pre-assembled Electronic kit
  • 1*English assembly instructions

💝 Assembly & Safety

Before starting, ensure all accessories are present as per the Accessories List. Adhesive is required at certain points; allow two hours after application for firm adhesion. Pieces may be sanded to preference before assembly. Recommended for ages 15 and above; exercise caution to avoid injury from sharp corners. Spare parts provided for easily damaged components.

⚠️ Important Reminder

Please note that silicone liquid glue and two AAA batteries are not included due to air transportation restrictions. You will need to provide these items separately.

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Law of the Night DIY Book Nook Kit
Law of the Night DIY Book Nook Kit Sale price$69.00 Regular price$199.00