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Cutebee | Love handmade and enjoy life!

Cutebee DIY Dollhouse / Miniature Kits
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Cutebee DIY Dollhouse

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Love hand-made,¬†love¬†DIY, not just DIY hut, Share¬†the heat¬†of hand-made¬†is that the¬†soul of CUTEBEE.¬†we would like¬†each piece¬†of work, not just a fine commodity.¬†it’s¬†an area¬†to place¬†dreams and love.DIY



CUTEBEE strictly control product quality, high-quality materials and artistic inspiration into a singular style, the products are exported to the planet .All pictures 100% real real shot, in order that consumers are more comfortable .



The most fashionable and detailed DIY Miniature houses in the world. Handmade all the parts together by yourself, enjoy the pleasure of creating your dream house. With all kinds of miniature houses and rooms, you can find what you love!


Get a Hobby

We understand the benefits of doing arts and crafts to one’s well-being. So we in mycutebee strives to bring in more quality products that will bring enjoyment and relaxation to each of our customers.

Cutebee | Truly Support DIY Dollhouse Hobby

Mycutebee offer aesthetic products that everybody¬†can create with their own hands, where¬†they’re going to¬†be happy and have¬†a pleasing¬†time.

Miniature DIY Dollhouse kits are both a delight and a challenge to create . The detail within the finished rooms is amazing and lots of models accompany LED lighting. Allow anywhere from 12 to 36 hours of building time as there are many steps to finish and up to 250 pieces per kit.

Whether you’re¬†curious about¬†starting¬†a replacement¬†hobby or¬†trying to find¬†a present¬†with a difference,¬†you will be¬†overjoyed with the range of Cutebee DIY Dollhouses

MyCutebee | Love handmade and enjoy life!

We design, we produce, we build. Who wouldn’t love such exquisite DIY Dollhouse kits and gifts? Find your passion in it. Let’s build something amazing!

Cutebee, founded in 2019, specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling DIY Dollhouses and academic toys for teenagers and Adults. We are dedicated to providing Innovative, Imaginative, Intelligent and Interactive products.



Cutebee is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of life and creating a cultural and artistic brand that covers creative DIY, exquisite gifts and fun garage kits. We advocate the concept of slow life to assist people find a far better thanks to free themselves from the hustle and bustle of lifestyle .

Development History

In the youth of Mycutebee, we had a gaggle of science geek designers, they’re smart, passion, and excellent. But to allow them to design exquisite literary DIY products which could more appeals to female and teenagers, that’s indeed a challenge. so as to make a replacement toy era, the designers began to read books&magazine to draw inspiration.

Why People Choose Us

What makes Cutebee so popular?

First, the individuality of the planning . Each product has been repeatedly revised and continuous improved before being launched.

The second is our top quality requirements. All Mycutebee products have a strict quality inspection process: engineers, designers, product managers, and top managers, which suggests that each one products got to be tested by these people.

Last but not the smallest amount , the customer experience of DIY products is extremely high. They introduce DIY Dollhouse to their families and friends.

Dollhouse English Instructions

English Manuals / English Instructions of DIY Dollhouses

You can access the English Instructions of DIY dollhouses sold on on the English instruction page.

English Instructions shows how to make DIY dollhouses step by step. You can either view it as pdf or download it and print it out.

The instructions of most DIY Dollhouses we sell on our site are produced in different languages. It is packaged in their own production languages at the time of production. That’s why we provide you with the English instructions published later, online.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything from the Dollhouse instructions. If the product you bought does not have an English instruction on our website, send an e-mail to [email protected]. We can provide it for you and upload it to our site.

You can find  in this page Robotime DIY Dollhouse Instructions , Cutebee DIY Dollhouse Instructions and Myroom Dollhouse Instructions. Click the button to go to the English instruction page.


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